Welcome to Hrabans Liederliste!

The »Liederliste« (song list) is a collection of international (mostly German) folk songs with texts and MIDI sound files.
Only the menus are translated to English, most other texts are in German.

My MIDI files are made with a great French shareware: Harmony Assistant.
They're only tested with Apple's Quicktime synthesizer, because I don't own an external synthesizer. In some cases the instrumentation is not really satisfying. If that troubles you, you are on your own to edit the data – most music programs can import MIDI.

Since summer 2005 I increasingly use GNU LilyPond, a command based open source music typesetting system (»engraves« really beautiful notes, but only poor MIDI). My LilyPond source files (.ly) are also downloadable.

Singemez thaz umbiring allan thesan woroltring!

Yours, Hraban