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Cruiscín Lán

S: | e | e | a | H7 || e | e | H7 | H7 || G | D7 | a | H7 || e | H | e H | e || e | H7 | e | e
R: | G | D | e | H7 || e | H7 | e H | e a || e | H7 | e

  1. Let the farmer praise his grounds,
    Let the huntsman praise his hounds,
    Let the shepherd praise his dewy-scented lawn.
    Oh, but I’m more wise than they,
    Spend each happy night and day
    With my darlin’ little cruiscín lán, lán, lán,
    My darlin’ little cruiscín lán.
  2. Refrain:
    Oh, gradh mo chroide mo cruiscín,
    Slainte geal mo mhuairnin,
    Gradh mo chroide mo cruiscín lán, lán, lán,
    Oh, gradh mo chruide mo cruiscín lán.
  3. Immortal and divine,
    Great Bacchus, god of wine,
    Create me by adoption your own son,
    In hopes that you’ll comply
    That my glass shall ne’er run dry
    nor my darlin’ little cruiscín lán, lán, lán...
  4. Oh, when cruel death appears
    In a few but happy years,
    You’ll say, “Oh, won’t you come along with me?”
    I’ll say, “Begone, you knave,
    For King Bacchus gave me lave
    To take another cruiscín lán, lán, lán...
  5. Then fill your glasses high;
    Let’s not part with lips so dry,
    For the lark now proclaims it is the dawn.
    And since we can’t remain,
    May we shortly meet again
    To fill another cruiscín lán, lán, lán...

Aussprache des Refrains:

O, grå mo khri mo kruschkin
Slånte gäl mo furnin
Grå mo khri mo kruschkin lan, lan, lan,
O, grå mo khri mo kruschkin lan.


O mein von Herzen geliebter kleiner Krug,
helle Gesundheit, mein Wertvoller...
(cruiscín lán = kleiner voller Krug)

trad. irish Q: The Irish Songbook.

“Poetically this is one of the better drinking songs. The music of the chorus sounds more German than Irish, but the sentiments are universal to any drinking man.” (The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem)