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Changeling Child


Over hill, over lee, Fairy folk coming your way.
Hide your babe if you want him to stay. Else they will steal him away.

Poison well, poison pond; they will bring grief and harm,
frighten cow and bring blight to your corn if you have spake them wrong.

Over hill, over dale, why are you looking so pale?
Fairy folk are all feeding on dew; what have they stolen from you?

Speak their names soft and warm, leave them milk, drunken at dawn;
leave the witch-hazel and rowan alone, tread soft on the fairy stone.

Sign your child, sign with cross, lest he be stolen and lost,
raised by fairies strange and wild, leaving you a changeling child.

Over hill, over lee, fairy folk coming your way;
hide your babe if you want him to stay, else they will steal him away.

Janet of Arden (Janet Mikesell)
Q: irgendein SCA-Songbook, zit. nach einer Kopie aus einem anderen Liederbuch...